Our company:

Health And Youth Ltd. is our family business, which is called Egészség és Fiatalság in Hungarian – it reflects our intention to help people maintain their health and youth as long as possible with the help of our products and services. Our company also aims to give guidance to people wandering through the vast supply of food supplements and the many times conflicting information circling around on the internet.

We offer only safe products to our customers, which are all registered and certified in the European Union. They are all made from natural raw materials and during their production manufacturers meet high quality standards.


We focus primarily on the production of natural products that can curb ageing processes and address today’s challenges. People who feel tired, exhausted or who are recovering from a major disease or surgery can find effective help in our Health and Youth products. We also help healthy people whose jobs are physically or mentally demanding and we provide aid to athletes as well in their daily recovery.

The Antioxidants and food supplements in our webshop can provide solution for the elimination of nutritional deficiencies linked to the harms of civilization. On our website, visitors can also find and order tools for creating a healthy and clean environment.

Our company is constantly expanding its range of products with already introduced and recognized food supplements on the market, but our long-term plans include the development and sale of new food supplements.

On our website, you also have the possibility to ask questions from the owner of the company, who is a medical practitioner, and not only about the products, but also about any health issues regarding which you wish to seek medical advice.


,,Hydrogen does not extend the maximum age, but makes life healthier until it lasts.” (Prof. Shigeo Ohta)
Our immune system maintains the integrity of our body by recognizing and separating our own from the alien organism. It protects us from external intruders and against infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites. This includes post-injury recovery mechanisms and elimination of degenerated cells as well as tumour protection. This is done 24 hours a day by our immune system, in a continuous standby mode, undetected.
Az RTL Reggeli műsorában beszélgettünk arról, hogy mivel járulhatunk hozzá, hogy immunrendszerünk a kihívásokkal teli időszakokban is megfelelően működjön.


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