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Health and Youth

Our company:

Health And Youth Ltd. is our family business, which is called Egészség és Fiatalság in Hungarian – it reflects our intention to help people maintain their health and youth as long as possible with the help of our products and services. Our company also aims to give guidance to people wandering through the vast supply of food supplements and the many times conflicting information circling around on the internet.

We offer only safe products to our customers, which are all registered and certified in the European Union. They are  all made from natural raw materials and during their production manufacturers meet high quality standards.

Who can benefit from our products?

We focus primarily on the production of natural products that can curb ageing processes and address today’s challenges. People who feel tired, exhausted or  who are recovering from a major disease or surgery can find effective help in our Health and Youth products. We also help healthy people whose jobs are physically or mentally demanding and we provide aid to athletes as well in their daily recovery.

The Antioxidants and food supplements in our webshop can provide solution for the elimination of nutritional deficiencies linked to the harms of civilization. On our website, visitors can also find  and order tools for creating a healthy and clean environment.

Our company is constantly expanding its range of products with already introduced and recognized food supplements on the market, but our long-term plans include the development and sale of new food supplements.

On our website, you also have the possibility to ask questions from the owner of the company, who is a medical practitioner, and not only about the products, but also about any health issues regarding which you wish to seek medical advice.

The goal is, therefore:

Health and Youth – let it be natural!

Dr. Erika József

Welcome to our website, I am Dr. Erika József

This website came to life thanks to my restless, inquisitive, curious nature, but it could not have been realized without my family, who support me in every way and, above all, tolerate the fact that I am a “workaholic”.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Medicine at the University of Debrecen in 1987, and after a few years of hospital practice, I worked as a general practicioner. Then I left this field without giving it a second thought. I owe a great deal to the decade I spent in the pharmaceutical and business insurance sectors.

Having returned to my profession and being a general practitioner again is a curious story

From the time I was a young doctor, I have been open to natural methods of healing and I used supplements, herbs and vitamins in my day-to-day healing work. I studied reflexology, and in the early ‘ 90s I was one of the first to finish a Mind control training, then I also learned Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, NLP, Simonton therapy, and Munay-Ki techniques, in this order. I believe that exploring and treating the psychological cause of a disease is as important as the physical symptoms, if not more important at times!

In 2012 I started to learn about molecular hydrogen which brought about a significant change in my life. After I had thrown myself into the literature on “hydrogen medicine”, I realized that something big was going on here. With a simple mineral-looking pill that generates molecular hydrogen in our system, I experienced results that I’d never seen before with anything else.
Until 2017, I was a member of the Scientific Council of the European Molecular Hydrogen Therapy Institute and I had been giving presentations all over the country. At times, more than hundred people listened to my webconferences and not only from Hungary.

Webinars are great technological tools that allow us to give thematic health related presentations and thus are very popular among people. I am very happy to see that my talks on  Youtube have been viewed by over 24,000 people.

You can see one of my lectures on “the link between acidification and inflammation” here.

It was molecular hydrogen that brought me back to my profession as a general practitioner. In my practice, I have the opportunity – and I do everything in my power – to teach my patients about the importance of prevention and the principles of a healthy way of life.

I am convinced that medical drugs are fast and effective weapons in our hands and in certain situations we cannot spare them. BUT, at the same time, they also make us too comfortable, even lazy and they don’t serve the prevention of diseases. However, the most effective means of combating chronic diseases of civilization that are now raging like an epidemic are non other than good nutrition, proper exercise, stress relief and relaxation. All professionals say that 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented by a healthy way of life. However, this approach in the healthcare sector is not being put into practice. Maintaining good health is a matter that needs much more emphasis in medical work.

I am pleased that we have set up our business, because I can do more for my family, and, on the other hand, leaving the doctor’s office, I can serve more people and I can help them in PREVENTING DISEASES and MAINTAINING THEIR HEALTH.

That’s the reason why we picked the name Health and Youth, and I trust you will be able to use the information and recommended products provided here to your benefit.

I wish you to remain young and healthy for a long time.